International Theater Day -

International Theater Day

On March 27, a festive evening of the Makhambet academic Kazakh drama theater was held in honor of the International Theater Day. The event was attended by the head of the Regional Department of Culture and language development Abil Taufikuly Zholamanov, who congratulated the team on the theater day and awarded a number of employees with a “letter of thanks”. In addition, he presented “letters of thanks” from the Akim of Atyrau region, the regional maslikhat and the public Association “Kazakhstan Theater Association”.
“I’m sorry,” she said.
The chairman of the Atyrau regional branch of the public Association” Kazakhstan professional union of industry workers of Culture, Sports, Tourism and information “Gulnar Satuovna also presented the theater employee with a badge” Enbek danky”, a certificate of Honor and letters of thanks.
The artistic director of the theater, the owner of the order “Kurmet” Temirbek Mazhitovich took the stage and presented special nominations, in turn, the head of the theater, Sagintayev Satybaldyuly, awarded the best of the year. By the decision of the Artistic Council, this year Serikbayev Azilkhan became the “actor of the year”, and Aigerim Kabdeshova – the “actress of the year”. Gulnaz Kamysbaeva became the “director of the year”.
Congratulations to our awarded colleagues on the theater day!