Theater ethics -

Theater ethics

10 rules to be observed:

1.Come early and do not be late for the performance. If it is possible, buy a ticket in advance. Do not come to the theater in sportswear or work clothes. Women should not wear large hairstyles, as this will distract the audience sitting in the back. Avoid using strong perfume.

2.Avoid expressing different emotions that arouse outside the theater. The purpose of your visit to the theater is to enjoy spiritually and comfort your soul. So even if you are angry and distracted, do not show it and try to forget about it. Otherwise, your emotions may affect the audience sitting next to you. If you are sick, it is better not to come to the theater.

3.Sit in the place indicated on the ticket. No one will bother you if you take the seat indicated on your ticket. In addition, if you sit in someone else’s place, there will be misunderstandings. It is recommended to sit in another place only with the permission of the theater staff. When you head up to your seat, turn your face to people you are passing by. It is not allowed to come to the theater with a child under 7 years old.

4.Before starting the show, set your mobile phone to silent mode or turn it off. Calls disturb not only you, but also the audience sitting next to you. It will significantly distract the performers as well.

5.Stop all your business as soon as the show starts. Stop talking to a friend or a new acquaintance. Actors of the sacred stage do their best for you.

6.Do not laugh aloud unless it is funny. You can comment on the performance after the performance or during the intermission. Even if you do not like the show, do not leave the auditorium. Wait for the end!

7.There is no need to talk to the theater staff. They just want a quietness and peace in the auditorium. If a servant repeatedly warns you, then you are violating the theatrical culture.

8.At the end of the performance, stand with the audience and applaud. The joy of the artist is to be applauded by the people. So appraise and applaud those people who gave you a lot of emotions.

9.If you have flowers, give them to artists when they bend. If you want to take a photo with your favorite artist, you should wait for him in the foyer. Do not go on stage to take photos.